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eve, iseve - privileged user


char eve[NAMELEN] = "inferno";

int iseve(void)


Eve is a null-terminated string containing the name of the privileged user, often called the `host owner', in the Inferno system. The default identity in native systems is inferno, and in hosted Inferno it is the user who started emu(1). The initial process created by system initialisation is given the eve identity.

Iseve returns true if the current user is eve. Several drivers use iseve to check the caller's identity before granting permission to perform certain actions. For example, the console driver allows only the user eve to write a new identity into the /dev/user file. The privileges are strictly local and do not extend into the network (in particular, to file servers).

Note that the comparison performed by iseve is case-sensitive, even when running hosted on systems where usernames are case-insensitive.

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