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getfields, tokenize - break a string into fields


int getfields(char *str, char **args, int maxargs, int multiflag,
char *delims)

int tokenize(char *str, char **args, int maxargs)


Getfields breaks the null-terminated UTF string str into at most maxargs null-terminated fields and places pointers to the start of these fields in the array args. Some of the bytes in str are overwritten. If there are more than maxargs fields, only the first maxargs fields will be set. Delims is a UTF string defining a set of delimiters.

If multiflag is zero, adjacent fields are separated by exactly one delimiter. A string containing n delimiter characters contains n+1 fields. If the multiflag argument is not zero, a field is a non-empty string of non-delimiters.

Getfields return the number of tokens processed.

Tokenize is the same as getfields with multiflag non-zero and delims "\t\r\n ", except that fields may be quoted using single quotes, in the manner of the command interpreter.





GETFIELDS(10.2 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:39 GMT 2015