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ms2 - convert executable or raw file to Motorola S record format


ms2 [ option ... ] infile


ms2 converts the infile onto the standard output in Motorola S record format. If the -b option is not given, the infile is presumed to be an executable, and the header and symbol table stripped. If the -b option is given, the file is treated as raw binary. The options are:

Encode the data segment only.
Omit the end record, presumably to accomodate poorly implemented decoders.
Set the address of the text segment, i.e. the first record output. -a is an older, deprecated option.
Set the page size in use by the linker. -p is an older, deprecated option.
The infile is binary. Ignores the -R and -d options.
Sets the entry address output in the end record.



MS2(10.1 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:39 GMT 2015