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bufio: chanfill - buffered I/O interface to named channel


include "bufio.m";
chanfill := load ChanFill ChanFill->PATH;

init:   fn(data: array of byte, fid: int,
            wc: Sys->Rwrite, r: ref Sys->FileIO,
            b: Bufio): ref Bufio->Iobuf;
fill:   fn(b: ref Bufio->Iobuf): int;


ChanFill is an implementation of BufioFill (see bufio(2)) that refills an Iobuf as data is written to a file created by sys-file2chan(2), which is allowed only one writer. Init returns an Iobuf allocated from the Bufio instance b, that when read will return data written to the file by another process. Data, fid and wc are the values in the tuple presented by Sys->file2chan on the first write. Data becomes the initial data for the Iobuf; init replies to the writer on wc. The other values are saved for use by fill: on later calls to by Bufio to refill the buffer, fill waits for a new write request on fio.write and either fills the buffer or signals end-of-file appropriately.



BUFIO-CHANFILL(2 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:39 GMT 2015