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itslib - test library


include "itslib.m";
itslib := load Itslib Itslib->PATH;

S_INFO: con 0;
S_WARN: con 1;
S_ERROR: con 2;
S_FATAL: con 3;
S_STIME: con 4;
S_ETIME: con 5;

Tconfig: adt {
	verbosity: int;
	mfd: ref Sys->FD;
	report: fn(t: self ref Tconfig, sev: int, verb: int, msg: string);
	done: fn(t: self ref Tconfig);

init: fn(): ref Tconfig;


Itslib provides a simple error reporting facility for tests which can be run by itest(1).

The module must first be initialised by calling init which returns an adt containing the verbosity setting specified for this test run, and the message file descriptor used to pass messages back to itest. These two items of information are passed to the test via the environment variables ITS_VERBOSITY and ITS_MFD.

Report a message with specified severity and verbosity. Severity must be one of S_INFO, S_WARN, S_ERROR or S_FATAL for Information, warnings, errors and fatal errors respectively. Verbosity is an integer between 0 and 9. For informatory messages (severity S_INFO), the message will only be displayed if the current verbosity level is greater than or equal to verbosity.
Tell the test system that all significant work has been completed. This useful when for example results are displayed in an interactive manner following the test proper. For recording purposes the test will be regarded as having finished when this function is called, rather than when the test finally exits.


A very simple test program.

implement T;
include "sys.m";
	sys: Sys;
include "draw.m";
	draw: Draw;
include "itslib.m";
	itslib: Itslib;
	Tconfig, S_INFO, S_WARN, S_ERROR, S_FATAL: import itslib;

T: module
	init:	fn(ctxt: ref Draw->Context, argv: list of string);

tconf: ref Tconfig;

init(ctxt: ref Draw->Context, argv: list of string)
	sys = load Sys Sys->PATH;
	itslib = load Itslib Itslib->PATH;
	if (itslib != nil) tconf = itslib->init();
	report(S_INFO, 5, "Testing addition of 1 + 2");
	x := 1 + 2;
	if (x == 3)
		report(S_INFO, 6, "Addition of 1 + 2 OK");
		report(S_ERROR, 5, sys->sprint("Addition of 1 + 2 gave %d", x));

report(sev: int, verb: int, msg: string)
	if (tconf != nil) tconf.report(sev, verb, msg);
	else sys->print("%d:%s\n", sev, msg);


itest(1), sh-test(2)

ITSLIB(2 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:39 GMT 2015