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styxconv - convert between old 1995 Styx and current Styx (9P)


include "styxconv.m";
styxconv := load Styxconv Styxconv->PATHNEW2OLD;
styxconv := load Styxconv Styxconv->PATHOLD2NEW;

init:     fn();
styxconv: fn(client: ref Sys->FD, server: ref Sys->FD);


Styxconv converts between the obsolete 1995 version of the Styx protocol, as used for instance in Inferno's Third Edition and earlier, and the current file service protocol, previously also called `Styx' but based on 9P2000 and defined by intro(5).

Init must be called before any other function in the module.

The function styxconv takes two file descriptors: client should be a connection to a client requiring one version of the protocol; server should be a connection to a server serving the other version of the protocol. There are two conversion modules: PATHNEW2OLD converts from a new client to an old server; PATHOLD2NEW converts from an old client to a new server.

Styxconv should be spawned by the caller, and copies messages between client and server, converting as required. See the example below.


Apply styxconv to file descriptor fd, connected to an old Styx server, and return a file descriptor suitable for mounting with mount(2).

cvstyx(fd: ref Sys->FD): ref Sys->FD
	styxconv := load Styxconv Styxconv->NEW2OLDPATH;
	if(styxconv == nil)
		return nil;
	p := array[2] of ref Sys->FD;
	if(sys->pipe(p) < 0)
		return nil;
	spawn styxconv->styxconv(p[1], fd);
	return p[0];




bind(1), sys-bind(2), sys-pipe(2), intro(5)


There is no provision for 9P2000 authentication.

STYXCONV(2 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:39 GMT 2015