0intro intro - introduction to the Inferno devices
arch arch - x86 architecture-specific information and control
audio audio - digital audio input and output
boot boot - reboot under program control
cap cap - capability for changing user name
cmd cmd - interface to host operating system commands
cons cons - console device
dbg dbg - remote kernel debugging
draw draw - screen graphics
ds ds - compound device subsystems
dup dup - dups of open files
dynld dynld - load kernel module dynamically
eia eia - serial communication control
env env - environment device
ether ether - Ethernet device
flash flash - flash memory
floppy floppy - floppy disk interface
fpga fpga - interface to on-board FPGA
fs fs - host file system interface
ftl ftl - flash translation layer
gpio gpio - access to GPIO registers
i2c i2c - basic I2C interface
i82365 i82365 - Personal Computer Memory Card Interface Association (PCMCIA) device
indir indir - attach to device indirectly by name
ip ip - network protocols over IP
kprof kprof - kernel profiling
logfs logfs - log-structured file system for flash devices
lpt lpt - parallel port interface
mnt mnt - attach to 9P servers
mpeg mpeg - Boffin mpeg decoder
pbus pbus - USR/3Com Edgeserver packet bus
pipe pipe - two-way interprocess communication
plap plap - USR/3Com Edgeserver packet bus link access protocol
pnp pnp, pci - Plug 'n' Play ISA and PCI Interfaces
pointer pointer - mouse and stylus interface
prof prof - profiling device
prog prog - running programs
root root - the root file system
rtc rtc - real-time clock and non-volatile memory
sd sd - storage device interface
sign sign - control use of signed modules
snarf snarf - host window system clipboard
srv srv - server registry
srv9 srv9 - plan 9 server registry
ssl ssl - secure sockets layer device
switch switch - hardware option switch
tinyfs tinyfs - file system for miniscule devices
tls tls - TLS1 and SSL3 record layer
touch touch - touch screen
tv tv - Hauppage TV device
usb usb - USB device interface
vga vga - VGA controller device
vid vid - Motorola 823 video output