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archfs - mount a mkfs archive


archfs [ -ab ] [ -s ] [ -m mountpoint ] archfile [ prefix ... ]


Archfs mounts at mountpoint (default: /mnt/arch), a read-only file system representing the contents of archfile, which is a file of the format produced by mkfs(8) with the -a option. Typically the archive file will have been created by mkfs(8) or create(8). Any prefix names limit the file system's contents to files and directories in the archive whose path names start with one of the prefixes.

The -a and -b options cause the archive contents to be mounted after or before the mount point's existing contents, in a union dirctory (see bind(1) for details). Normally the archive contents replace the contents of mountpoint. The -s option causes the rest of the archive to be skipped once a file is found in the archive which does not start with any of the given prefixes. This is useful an archive is known to start with a description of its contents (eg, the /wrap directory provided by create(8)), and that is all that is needed under mountpoint.




tarfs(4), mkfs(8), create(8)

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