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cddb - CD database


cddb [ -DTt ] [ -s server ] query diskid ntracks track0id ...


Cddb queries an Internet database to get a table of contents and other details for audio CDs. The CD has ntracks tracks, and trackNid is a hash value derived from the N'th track's characteristics; diskid is a hash of all the track IDs.

Cddb takes 4 optional arguments. The -s server option causes cddb to use a different server for the query (default is freedb.freedb.org). The -D option causes the raw database response from the server to be dumped to standard output. The -t option causes the time of each track to be appended to the normal output. -T prints track times and adds a line at the end with the total time.




9660srv (in dossrv(4))

CDDB(7 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:39 GMT 2015