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ping - probe the Internet


ip/ping [-alq] [ -i interval ] [ -s size ] [ -n nping ] destination


Ping sends ICMP echo requests to a network destination (which has the syntax accepted by dial(2)). The target host, if up, should send a corresponding reply. By default, one line is printed for each reply, containing the sequence number (starting at 0) of the message it answers, the round trip time for that reply, the average round trip time so far, and the `time to live' value from the reply packet.

The options are:

include source and destination IP addresses in the output
-i interval
send requests with the given interval between messages, in milliseconds (default: 1 second)
list only lost messages
-n nping
send nping messages in all (default: 32)
suppress per-packet output, giving summary data only
-s size
send request packets of the given size in bytes (default: 64, minimum 32)




dial(2), ip(3)


Ping yields an error status if any request had no corresponding reply.


Works only on native Inferno and when hosted on Plan 9, owing to the lack of access to ICMP on other hosted systems.

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