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rdbgsrv - remote debug server


bind -b '#t' /dev

auxi/rdbgsrv [ -dn ] [ -sbaud ] [ -fdev ] mountpoint


Rdbgsrv interposes itself between dev (default: /dev/eia0) and mountpoint to convey 9P messages via the serial port to and from a 9P server program running on a board running native Inferno. The -f option specifies the serial device; the default is /dev/eia0. The -s option sets the line speed; the default is 38400 baud. The -d option selects debugging options by a bit mask: 1, print trace of 9P message types; 2, print actual 9P message contents.

The monitor program on the board must be started first. Rdbgsrv writes the two byte message go, and keeps reading the device until it sees the reply ok. It then attempts to mount the exported name space, and copies 9P messages to and from the device.

Once rdbgsrv is running, any device files provided by the program will be visible at mountpoint.






No error recovery is applied, let alone error correction.

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