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collab: connect - connect to collaborative files and services


collab/connect [ -C alg ] [ -k keyfile ] [ -v ] [ netaddress [ localdir ] ]


Connect dials network address netaddr (default: net!$collab!9999), which should be served by an instance of collabsrv(8), and mounts the resulting connection on /n/remote; it then binds /n/remote/collab on localdir (default: /n/ftree/collab).

The resulting hierarchy under /n/remote is determined by the site configuration, but usually includes the directory /n/remote/services, which gives access to the server side of collaborative activities, as described in collabsrv(8), and the directory /n/remote/collab, which contains the file hierarchy that contains all collaborative resources offered to a client device.

If an instance of wm-ftree(1) is running in the same name space, then after mounting the connection and adjusting the name space, connect tells it that the name space has changed, so any displayed view of it can be updated.

Connect accepts the following options:

-C alg
Specify the algorithm, alg, to be used following authentication for digesting or encryption. See ssl(3) for the supported algorithms. The default is none: ssl(3) is not used after authentication.
-k kfile
Specify the keyfile to be used when authenticating. The default is /usr/user/keyring/netaddr, if that exists, and otherwise /usr/user/keyring/default. See keyring-auth(2) for more details.
Causes connect to chat about its actions on standard output.





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