0intro intro - introduction to Inferno
9win 9win - create a Plan 9 window within Inferno
acme acme, win - interactive text windows
alphabet-abc abc - alphabet declarations
alphabet-fs fs - file-hierarchy traversal
alphabet-grid grid - peer-to-peer data distribution
alphabet-main main - operators on the basic Alphabet types
ar ar - archive maintainer
asm asm, disdump - Dis assembler, Dis disassembler
auplay auplay, auhdr, raw2iaf, wav2iaf - basic audio output and conversion
avr avr - Atmel AVR support
basename basename - strip file name affixes
bind bind, mount, unmount - change name space
blur blur - an example program to demonstrate splitting a task over several machines.
brutus brutus - screen editor with support for SGML
cal cal - print calendar
calc calc - calculator language
calendar calendar - calendar and diary
cat cat - concatenate files
cd cd - change working directory
charon charon - web browser
chgrp chgrp - change file's group or owner
chmod chmod - change file mode (permissions)
cleanname cleanname - clean a path name
cmp cmp - compare two files
collab collab: connect - connect to collaborative files and services
collab-clients collab: chat, poll, poller, whiteboard - collaborative activities
comm comm - select or reject lines common to two sorted files
cook cook - SGML converter
cp cp, fcp - copy files
cprof cprof - coverage profiling of limbo programs
cpu cpu - execute a remote command
crypt crypt, aescbc - data encryption
date date - print the date
dd dd - convert and copy a file
deb deb - graphical Limbo debugger
diff diff - differential file comparator
disdep disdep - print load dependencies for Dis file
dmview dmview, dmwm - view remote displays
du du - disk usage
ebook ebook - Open Ebook browser
echo echo - print arguments
emu emu - Inferno emulator (hosted Inferno)
env env - display environment variables
examplecmd examplecmd - Example command in /opt skeleton project
fc fc - command-line floating point calculator
filename filename - interactively select a file
fmt fmt - simple text formatter
fortune fortune - sample lines from a file
freq freq - print histogram of character frequencies
fs fs - file-hierarchy traversal
ftest ftest, newer - test file attributes
ftree ftree - file tree browser
gettar gettar, lstar, puttar - tar archive utilities
grep grep - pattern matching
grid-monitor monitor - graphical display for viewing resource use.
grid-ns grid: ns - exports a selected namespace and serves it on standard input
grid-query grid: query - graphical interface to view resources registered with a known
grid-register grid: register - registers a resource with a known
grid-session grid: session - graphical interface for configuring tasks using
gzip gzip, gunzip - compression and decompression utilities
idea idea - encrypt/decrypt a file with the IDEA cipher
itest itest, itreplay - run tests and replay results
keyboard keyboard, pen - character input for touch screen devices
kill kill, broke - terminate process(es)
limbo limbo - Limbo compiler
listen listen, styxlisten, dial - network connections
logon logon - log on to Inferno
logwindow logwindow - window that pops up when data becomes available.
look look - find lines in a sorted list
ls ls, lc - list files
m4 m4 - macro processor
man man, wm/man, man2html, man2txt, lookman, sig - print or find manual pages
mash mash - programmable shell
mash-make mash-make - builtin `make' functionality
mash-tk mash-tk - control visual elements of mash window
math-misc ack, crackerbarrel, factor, fibonacci, fit, genprimes, mersenne, parts, perms, pi, powers, primes, sieve - miscellaneous mathematical applications
mc mc - multicolumn print
mdb mdb - binary file editor
miniterm miniterm - Minitel® emulator
mk mk - maintain (make) related files
mkdir mkdir - make a directory
mprof mprof, wm/mprof - memory profiling limbo programs
mux mux - interactive television demo
mv mv - move files
netkey netkey - calculate response to authentication challenge
netstat netstat - summarize network connections
ns ns - display current namespace
nsbuild nsbuild - build Inferno namespace
os os - interface to host OS commands (hosted Inferno only)
p p - paginate
passwd passwd - change user password
plumb plumb - send message to plumber
prof prof, wm/prof - profiling limbo programs
ps ps - process (thread) status
pwd pwd - print working directory
rcmd rcmd - remote command execution
read read - read from standard input with optional seek
register register - Keep given service addr/attrs registered in registry
rm rm - remove file(s)
runas runas - run command as another user
secstore secstore - retrieve files from secure store
sendmail sendmail - send mail messages
sh sh, builtin, exit, load, loaded, local, whatis, quote, run, set, unload, unquote - command language
sh-alphabet alphabet, typeset, declare, import, type, define, autodeclare, autoconvert, -, rewrite, modules, types, usage, info, clear - typed shell interface
sh-arg arg - shell command-line argument parsing
sh-csv csv, getcsv - parse ``comma-separated values''
sh-expr expr, ntest, mpexpr - shell module for simple arithmetic.
sh-file2chan file2chan, rblock, rdata, rerror, rget, rread, rreadone, rwrite - shell interface to file2chan
sh-mload mload, munload - namespace separation for shell modules
sh-regex re, match - shell script regular expression handling
sh-sexprs sexprs, islist, els, text, textels, mktext, mklist, mktextlist - parse and generate S-expressions
sh-std std, if, while, ~, no, !, apply, getlines, status, pctl, fn, and, or, raise, rescue, hd, tl, index, split, join, pid, parse, pipe, env - standard shell builtins module.
sh-string prefix, in, splitl, splitr, drop, take, splitstrl, splitstrr, tolower, toupper, len, alen, slice - shell script string manipulation
sh-test report - shell module for test reporting.
sh-tk tk, chan, send, recv, alt - loadable tk module for sh.
sleep sleep, pause - suspend execution for an interval
sort sort - sort file
spree-join join - join a spree clique.
stack stack, stackv - examine call stack
stream stream - stream data between source and sink
strings strings - extract printable strings
sum sum, md5sum, sha1sum - calculate file's checksum
tail tail - deliver the last part of a file
tcs tcs - translate character sets
tee tee - pipe fitting
telnet telnet - make a remote telnet connection
time time - time command execution
timestamp timestamp - log event times
tiny tiny: sh, broke, kill, rm - reduced command line interface to the Inferno system
tkcmd tkcmd - enter Tk commands interactively
tktester tktester - test Tk widgets and help design Tk layouts
toolbar toolbar - window manager toolbar
touch touch - update the modification time of one or more files
tr tr - translate characters
tsort tsort - topological sort
unicode unicode - interpret Unicode characters
uniq uniq - report repeated lines in a file
units units - conversion program
uuencode uuencode, uudecode - encode/decode a file
vacget vacget, vacput - venti archive utilities
wc wc - count lines, words, and characters
webgrab webgrab - fetch web page content as files
wish wish - interface to the Tk graphics toolkit
wm wm - window manager
wm-misc about, clock, coffee, colors, date, edit, mand, memory, polyhedra, reversi, rt, stopwatch, sweeper, task, tetris, unibrowse, view, winctl - miscellaneous graphical applications
wm-sh sh, mash - Window frames for the Inferno shells
xd xd - dump file contents in multiple formats
yacc yacc - yet another compiler-compiler (Limbo version)
zeros zeros - write sequence of bytes