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cook - SGML converter


cook [ -f format ] [ -o outfile ] [ infile ]


Cook reads a file in SGML format and produces an interpretation of the file in either LaTex or HTML format on standard output.

If no infile argument is present, the standard input is read. If an outfile argument is present, the results are written to that file instead of standard output. The format argument must be either html to produce HTML format output or one of: latex, latexbook, latexpart, latexproc, or latexslides to produce LaTex output.

The latexpart format assumes that the resulting output is to be included in the body of a controlling LaTex document. The other LaTex format options result in the generation of various LaTex wrapping commands.

Cook was designed to operate on the output of the Brutus editor (See brutus(1) ) and so its mapping of SGML tags is closely linked to those generated by brutus.

The following tags are recognised: Author, Bold.n, Caption, Example, Exercise, Extension, Float, Heading, Index, Index-topic, Italic.n, Label, Label-ref, List, List-elem, No-fill, Par, Roman.n, SGML, Title, and Type.n, where n is a character point size and must be one of: 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16.








Not an SGML file: The first line of the input file must contain the SGML tag <SGML> and nothing else.

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