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du - disk usage


du [ -anstu ] [ -b blocksize ] [file ...]


Du writes to standard output the total size of files specified as arguments. Directories are recursively tallied. A summary line is produced for each argument file and subdirectory. If no filenames are provided, the command operates on the current directory.

Output sums are rounded up to the nearest 1k unit (1024 bytes). By default, storage is assumed to be quantised in units of 1024 bytes. The -b option sets a different blocksize for quantisation, optionally suffixed by k for units of kilobytes; output is still in 1k units.

Du accepts the following options:

Output usage information for all subordinate files, not just directories.
Output just the filenames (but see the -t option below); implies -a.
Print only the summary line for each file.
Display the last-modified time for each file, not its size; when used with the -n option, outputs the filename, modification time (seconds since the epoch), size (in bytes), and checksum. The checksum field is always 0; it is a place-holder for a value computed by another command in a pipeline.
Display the last-accessed time for each file, not its size.




sh(1), sys-stat(2)

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