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ebook - Open Ebook browser


ebook/ebook [ -m ] file


Ebook provides a graphical browser for a set of files in Open eBook (OEB) version 1.0.1 format. It takes some care to try to ensure that memory usage does not grow proportionally to the size of the book that is being viewed. File names either an OEB package file (conventional suffix .opf) or an OEB document (conventional suffix .html or .xml). The -m option causes the window to be created in ``mini'' size as suitable for display on a 240x320 pixel device.

GUI controls
Controls at the top of the window enable the user to move forward and backwards by pages through the document. A ``Guide'' menu provides access to the guide as found in the ebook package (if there is one). If the links in this are followed, or if the reader follows links embedded within the document, the up and down arrows enable moving backwards and forwards in the ``link history''. Arrows on the keyboard mimic the actions of the buttons at the top of the window.

Clicking in the text allows an annotation to made on the text; a text window is popped up and any text typed in it will appear in a label attached to that text. Annotations are stored in persistent storage and will last from view to view of the document.


Initial stylesheet settings.
Index file for the OEB document, one display size only.
Annotations for the OEB document.
Standard place to keep ebooks.




xml(2), ``The Open eBook Publication Structure 1.0.1''


Does not do floats.
Does not do borders & backgrounds properly.
Large top-level constructs are not bounded in memory usage.
Does not do links to external documents.
Does not do fallbacks.

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