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filename - interactively select a file


wm/filename [ -d startdir ] [ -g geom ] [ -t title ] [ pattern... ]


Filename pops up a file browser window, allows the user to select a file and prints the name of that file to the standard output. The optional list of patterns gives a list of wildcard patterns as understood by filepat(2); the file browser will initially show only files matching one or more of the patterns. (N.B. patterns must be quoted to prevent the shell from interpreting them). The following options are recognised:

Startdir gives the initial directory shown by the file browser.
Geom is given as a tk argument to the file browser window.
Title specifies the title of the file browser window.


The following sh(1) command compiles an interactively chosen Limbo source file, placing the file browser window at a particular spot on the screen and starting at joe's home directory.
limbo `{wm/filename -t 'Select a source file' -g '-x 50 -y 50'
	-d/usr/joe '*.b' '*.m'}




wmlib(2), sh(1)


The file browser window actually appears 20 pixels below and to the right of the position specified.

FILENAME(1 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:38 GMT 2015