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monitor - graphical display for viewing resource use.


command | grid/srv/monitor interface [ wintitle ]


Monitor is designed to work with resources that deal with incoming connections (such as grid-register(1)) to visually display the connections to a specific resource. Interface sets the style of interface, this can be 1 or 2. Interface 1 is the simplest, displaying only a list of connections to the resource. Interface 2 is slightly more complex, allowing extra data to be displayed for each connection. While interface 1 shows all the connections at any one time, interface 2 displays a selection of 'slots' which have buttons that light up to signify a connection. Clicking on a lit button will display any data given about that connection in the main window. Wintitle optionally sets the title of the monitor window. Command must write status messages to stdout which are then read and displayed (if appropriate) by monitor. Monitor reads on stdin and accepts the following input:

Interface 1
add addr
display a connection from address addr
del addr
remove a connection from address addr

Interface 2
data set id { data }
set and display the string data in slot id.
data set id finished
clear slot id

setup maxusers n
set display to fit a maximum of n connections. -1 signifies unlimited connections.
starting pid
add pid to a list of pids whose process group is to be killed if the user closes monitor.
error errstr
print out the error string errstr to the console.
close down monitor and kill all processes in the current group.

Input messages of any other form will simply be ignored.




grid-register(1), ns(1), cpu(4)

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