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kill, broke - terminate process(es)


kill [ -g ] [ pid ... ] [ module ... ]

broke [ user ]


Kill terminates each process (for a numeric process ID pid) or process running a given module (for a non-numeric module name), by writing a kill message to the corresponding process's control file in prog(3). The -g option causes kill to write a killgrp message instead, killing all processes in the given process's process group (see sys-pctl(2)). Processes running a module are identified by their status file, and the process ID of each such process is printed on standard output.

A process that incurs an exception (eg, array bounds check) is normally suspended in the `broken' state to allow debugging. Broke finds all such processes owned by user (default: the current user), and prints sh (1) commands to kill them. The commands can be piped to the shell or selectively run, releasing back to the system any resources owned by those processes.






ps(1), prog(3)

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