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plumb - send message to plumber


plumb [ -s src ] [ -d dest ] [ -w wdir ] [ -t type ] [ -a name value ] [ -i ] data ...


Plumb sends a message to the plumber, plumber(8), which is normally started by wm(1)'s start up script.

The options and arguments are used as components of the message. See plumbing(6) for their interpretation. The options are:

-s src
Set the source to src (default: unspecified).
-d dest
Set the destination to dest (default: unspecified).
-w wdir
Set the working directory to wdir (default: current directory as reported by pwd(1) or workdir(2)).
-t type
Set the type of data to type (default: text)
-a name value
Include an attribute `name=value'; there can be more than one.
Take the data from the standard input not from the argument strings. If an action attribute is not otherwise specified, plumb will add an action=showdata attribute to the message.

The remaining arguments are sent, separated by spaces, as the data of the message. The plumber will apply its rules to the resulting message to decide how to route it.


plumber(8) input channel




plumbmsg(2), plumbing(6), plumber(8)

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