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prof, wm/prof - profiling limbo programs


prof [ -bflnve ] [ -m modname ] ... [ -s rate ] [ cmd arg ... ]

wm/prof [ -e ] [ -m modname ] ... [ -s rate ] [ cmd arg ... ]


Prof is a simple profiling tool which calculates the percentage of time spent on a particular line of limbo source or spent in a particular limbo function. It can determine where a module or set of modules is spending its time. The source in question should be compiled with the -g flag so that the relevant symbol table files exist.

The tk version of the profiler wm/prof shows this information in a text widget and colours the lines of source according to the amount of time spent on each line. The darker the colour, the longer spent.

The -b option starts profiling.

The -f option shows the function profile.

The -l option shows the line profile. If neither this option nor the -f option are given, -l is assumed.

The -n option lists the name of the file along with the line number.

The -v option outputs all functions and/or lines even when the percentage of time spent in them is zero.

The -m option lists the module names which are to be profiled. If none are given, all the modules loaded by the kernel will be profiled. The name may be the actual name of the module or its path name.

The -e option profiles the module that is loaded first in any following command. In this case there is no need to give a -m option as this is added automatically.

The -s option sets the sample interval rate and is expressed in ms. The default is 100 ms.

Any remaining arguments are assumed to specify a command and set of arguments to the command. If this is the case, prof will automatically start profiling, run the command to completion and then stop profiling before showing the profile statistics.

Prof displays the profile statistics (unless the -b option is being used) according to the output format required.


To profile a particular command
	prof /dis/math/parts 10000
	wm/prof /dis/math/parts 10000
To profile the same command but restrict attention to its own module (Partitions).
	prof -m Partitions /dis/math/parts 10000
	wm/prof -m Partitions /dis/math/parts 10000
A shorter version of the above
	prof -e /dis/math/parts 10000
	wm/prof -e /dis/math/parts 10000
To profile interactively
	prof -b -m Partitions -s 10
	/dis/math/parts 10000
	prof -f -l -n 

Note that the output format options ( -f , -l , -n , -v ) are ignored when -b is present.





cprof(1), mprof(1), prof(2), prof(3)


Prof cannot profile compiled limbo programs.

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