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rcmd - remote command execution


rcmd [ -e cryptoalg ] [ -x exportpath ] host [ cmd arg ... ]


Rcmd executes cmd on the given host. If no cmd is given, sh(1) is assumed. The host must have enabled the rstyx service (typically started via svc(8)).

For authentication, rcmd will use the certificate in the file


if it exists, and otherwise it will use the certificate in


The -e option sets the algorithm cryptoalg to be used following authentication for digesting or encryption. See ssl(3) for the supported algorithms. The default is none: ssl(3) is not used after authentication.

The -x option sets the path to be exported as root from the local machine (defaults to / if not specified).




security-intro(2), security-auth(2), security-login(2), getauthinfo(8), rstyxd(8), svc(8)

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