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csv, getcsv - parse ``comma-separated values''


load csv getcsv command
${csv list}


Csv is a loadable module for sh(1) that provides the facility to parse and generate ``comma-separated value'' lists, a widely used data exchange format. Data in this format is usually in the form of a table, each row of which contains one or more items, each separated by a comma (,). Items that contain a comma or a newline are surrounded with double-quotes ("). A double-quote within an item is represented by a pair of double-quotes. Two primitives are provided:

Getcsv works similiarly to getlines in sh-std(1). It reads from the standard input, and for every line read, invokes command with $line set to the items found on that line (one element per item). Getcsv recognises the usual loop break and continue exceptions.
Csv yields a single element containing all the items in list, comma-separated and quoted as necessary.




sh(1), sh-std(1)


Empty lines are ambiguous: csv treats an empty line as containing a single, empty element; there is thus no way of representing a line containing no elements at all.

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