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report - shell module for test reporting.


load test
report severity verbosity message[...]


Its is a loadable module for sh(1) that provides a simple error reporting facility for tests which can be run by itest(1). It provides one command, report, which is used by a test to report a message with specified severity and verbosity. Severity must be one of INF, WRN, ERR or FTL for Information, warnings, errors and fatal errors respectively. Verbosity is an integer between 0 and 9. For informatory messages (severity INF), the message will only be displayed if the current verbosity level is greater than or equal to verbosity.



load std test

echo 1 > /tmp/a
echo 2 >/tmp/b
report INF 5 testing cmp command
if {cmp /tmp/a /tmp/b} {
	report ERR 0 'cmp failed - reported different files as the same'
	report INF 6 'cmp ok - reported different files as different'



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