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stream - stream data between source and sink


stream [-a] [-b bufsize] file1 [ file2 ]


Stream creates a process that uses stream (see sys-read(2)) to stream data in chunks of at most bufsize bytes (default: Sys->ATOMICIO, or 8192 bytes) from file1 to the standard output. If file2 is provided, the two files are instead cross-connected by two streaming processes: one process streams data from file1 to file2, and the other streams data from file2 to file1. In all cases, stream writes data to the destination file in full buffers of bufsize bytes.

Stream waits for all streaming processes to stop before returning, unless the -a (asynchronous) option is given, which causes it to return after spawning the streamers.




cat(1), sys-read(2)

STREAM(1 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:38 GMT 2015