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Newns: newns, newuser - build a new name space from a description file


include "newns.m";
ns := load Newns Newns->PATH;

newns:   fn(user: string, nsfile: string): string;
newuser: fn(user: string, cap: string, nsfile: string): string;


Newns reads file nsfile and builds a new name space based on the commands it contains. The file has the format defined by namespace(6). If nsfile is nil or empty, then newns attempts to read file the file namespace.

Newuser uses a capability cap suitable for cap(3) to change the current process's user name to user, and uses newns and nsfile to build it a new name space. The capability is typically obtained via factotum(4).




sys-bind(2), sys-chdir(2), sys-pctl(2), factotum(4), namespace(6)

NEWNS(2 ) Rev:  Tue Mar 31 02:42:39 GMT 2015