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namespace - name space description file


Namespace files describe how to construct a name space from scratch, or add to an existing name space. The files are interpreted by newns(2), invoked by commands such as logon(1) and by other system services.

The name space description file contains one or more lines each of which specifies one name space operation. Empty lines and lines with # as the first non-space character are ignored. Environment variables of the form $name are expanded within arguments, where name is a string terminated by white space, or one of the characters /, ., or $.

The known operations and their arguments are:

bind [-abci] old new
Use new as an alias for file or directory old. Options a, b and c translate to flag values Sys->MAFTER, Sys->MBEFORE and Sys->MCREATE of sys-bind(2). If neither a nor b are given, the default is Sys->MREPL. Option i means to ignore errors.
cd directory
Change working directory to directory.
Split the name space before modification. This is equivalent to passing a value of Sys->FORKNS to sys-pctl(2).
mount [-abc9i] [-k keyfile] [-C alg] [net!]machine[!svc] dir [spec]
Mount the file tree of machine upon directory dir. The default service is styx. Options a, b, c and i are the same as for bind. The tokens dir and spec translate to old and aname of mount as described under sys-bind(2). The -k, -C and -9 options are the same as those for the mount command (see bind(1)).
import [-abc9i] [net!]machine[!svc] [remotedir] dir
Import a directory from a remote Plan 9 machine and make it appear on directory dir. Options a, b, c and i are the same as for mount. By default, remotedir is assumed to be the same name as dir. The default service is exportfs. (Currently this operation works only under native Inferno and Plan 9.)
Create a new name space in which the current directory becomes the root directory; typically used after cd. This is equivalent to passing a value of Sys->NEWNS to sys-pctl(2).
Disallow device attaches. This is equivalent to passing a value of Sys->NODEVS to sys-pctl(2).
unmount [-i] [name] from
If two arguments are given, undo a bind or mount with the same arguments. If only one argument is given, everything bound to or mounted on from is unmounted. The -i option means ignore errors.
. path
Include the name space description file path.


nsbuild(1), wm(1), newns(2)

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