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logon - log on to Inferno


[ wm/wm ] wm/logon [ -l ] [ -n nsfile ] [ -u user ]


Logon logs a user in to the Inferno environment. It requires wm (1) to be started first. If no user name is specified by the -u option, logon displays a login panel to prompt for one. The user name must have a directory /usr/user, which will become the current directory. (Otherwise, logon will display a diagnostic panel and prompt again.) The user name is written to /dev/user (see cons(3)), which is the name presented on subsequent attaches to file servers.

Normally, logon expects keyboard input to provide a name, but if the -l option is given, logon displays a list of the names in /usr, allowing one to be selected using a mouse or touch screen.

Once the current directory has been set, logon creates a new name space for the user using the contents of nsfile (default: namespace), as described in namespace(6). It then starts toolbar(1) to provide the initial application environment.


Inferno user name
user's home directory




toolbar(1), wm(1), namespace(6)

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