About: Linux Administration

My first linux distribution was Slackware (don't remember exactly it version, but this was in ~1994). A couple of years later I moved to RedHat 6.2, then 7.0. In 2001 I become finally unsatisfied by RedHat and discovered LFS... after some experiments with LFS I developed my own linux distribution PoWeR Linux.

I've successfully used PoWeR Linux on all my servers, at home and nearly all my friends who also work in linux also used it from August 2001 to February 2004. It was rpm-based, and contain numerous security and reliability improvements over RedHat (for ex. it used a lot of DJB's software: daemontools to manage services, djbdns, qmail). But support of own linux distribution require too much time, and I've moved to Gentoo.

I choose Gentoo because it's incredible flexible: I've configured Gentoo to make it 99% equal to my PoWeR Linux with only main difference: now there is no needs for me to support it, Gentoo developers will support it! :-)