Configuration: Font


I'd like to work in 'fullscreen' console-like mode.

For this I use xterm in XWindow, open to full screen, without any window decorations, window manager toolbar/menu, etc. And, of course, I'd like to have standard 80 columns on screen. Somewhat like old-skool style. :)

Some people may say my fonts are 'too big', but I call this 'ease to read'. :)

My font

Also I like font which I've used from ~1994 year in DOS. I've no idea about source/copyright for that font - it was embedded inside DOS utility keyrus which I used. I was sure this font belongs to keyrus-7.3, but some time ago I've downloaded it and checked it fonts - and all fonts used in original keyrus differ from font embedded in my keyrus. Actually, keyrus has ability to embed any fonts with ease, so probably somebody embed some unknown font in his keyrus copy, which somebody else give me in ~1994.

This font is 8x16, and I've used it in text mode in DOS, Windows 98 and Linux. Later, after I switched to XWindow, I've doubled every pixel in that font, and got font 16x32 which looks very good in 1280x1024 mode (I've 80 columns and 32 rows in xterm).

For 1024x768 I've manually developed font 12x24, which looks similar to original 8x16 font. Of course, there a lot of differences and it looks much bolder because it's impossible to scale font with 1px lines in 1.5 times without making it much lighter or bolder.


Click on screenshot to view it in full size.

640x480, font 8x16.

1024x768, font 12x24. Actually, with this font size and 80 columns I've 1024-80*12 = 64px column unused on screen. I can't avoid it with 80 text columns in this video mode because 1024/80=12.8. So, I've used conky to put some useless monitors in these 64 px. :)

1280x1024, font 16x32 (roughly scaled 8x16).


You can download these fonts in different formats. Encodings for these fonts are KOI8-R and UTF-8.

My font 12x24 located in files developer-bold.* and licenced under public domain. Font 16x32 located in files keyrus32.*. And font 8x16 located in files keyrus.*.

In case you'll find my 12x24 font too bright - try to use my configuration for bright colors (8-15) in xterm which you can find in my ~/.Xdefaults.