Software: remote

Ease to use wrapper tools for ssh and scp

These tools make your life easier if you have to sync using ssh some local directory on your computer with some remote directory on server. upload and download will allow your to ease upload/download files and directories with scp, remote allow you to ease run commands on remote server in current directory.

First, you need to configure link between local and remote directory (on local computer): echo '/tmp/local:' >> ~/.remote

Now, you can run on local computer inside directory /tmp/local commands upload, download and remote instead of scp and ssh. Example: ~ $ mkdir /tmp/local ~ $ cd /tmp/local/ /tmp/local $ echo test > file /tmp/local $ upload file scp file file 100% 5 0.0KB/s 00:00 /tmp/local $ mv file file.old /tmp/local $ ls file.old /tmp/local $ remote ls file /tmp/local $ download file scp -r ./ file 100% 5 0.0KB/s 00:00 /tmp/local $ ls file file.old /tmp/local $ remote ls file /tmp/local $ remote 'rm file' /tmp/local $ remote ls /tmp/local $